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  1. Cognitive Development - To develop logical thinking, understanding and analytical reasoning at a concrete level through active exploration and interaction with adults, other children and materials.
  2. SOCIAL Emotional Development – To encourage children to maintain a high self-respect trough an environment where the child’s effort is appreciated, regardless of success or failure. To do away with inappropriate practices such as capital punishment and criticism of the child’s mistake and shortfalls.
  3. PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT– To develop physical skills and coordination of body movements through exercise, gymnastics, indoor and games.
  4. LANGUAGE AND Communication SKILLS – To use language as source of learning and means of communication in a language rich environment through books, literature, oral expression and dramatics.
  5. AESTHETIC DEVELOPEMENT– To develop creative and aesthetic expression in children through a variety of performing arts. To develop qualities of leadership, spirit of adventure and dignity of labour. To help the child grow into a responsible and good citizen.
  6. TEACHING STAFF – IAS enjoys the commitment of an enthusiastic and exceptionally well qualified teaching staff. Their abilities cover every aspect of school life. Every staff member of IAS is rather as diverse as the subjects they teach. They all, however, share a pride in their profession, the dedication to excellence and a true enjoyment of teaching young people, identifying strengths and weaknesses and forming action plans for continuous improvements of the child. Our staff work hard to provide individuals nurturing and attention required by the child.
  7. EVALUATION – Regular evaluation is done through class tests. It is very important that children are regular with their class work and class tests. Children whose progress is inadequate for promotion will be given a re-test in June, before the academic year begins.
  8. ATTENDANCE – Regular attendance is important and 75% attendance is compulsory for promotion.
  9. . PARENTS INVOLVEMENT – Parents are encouraged to taken keen interest and an active role in the programme. Parents are welcome to meet the teachers every second Saturday or with prior appointment to discuss any specific problems. Parents meetings are conducted at regular intervals to faster good relations between the school and parents, to discuss ways of bettering our services and facilities for pupils.